Title : Guidance

Genre : Survival Horror

Dev / Pub : Stroboskop AB

Platform : PC and consoles

Release date : TBA

Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1797400

Trailer : https://youtu.be/YEBX77vxvRw

Download : ZIP w/ screenshots and trailer


  • • Guidance is a survival horror game about spirit possession
  • • Play as Velvet, a golden-ager in search for his lost wife
  • • Talk to spirits through possessed sightseers
  • • Keep the angry ones in check with your tranquilizer gun
  • • Explore a vast, abandoned village , meticulously composed in great detail
  • • Follow the story and learn the village's past through conversations and visuals
  • • Play in your own tempo. Guidance has no jumpscares, the emphasis is on atmosphere and building tension


Velvet, a senior citizen and retired electrician, is on a guided bus tour far out in the wilderness with his wife Jo. Coming across an old abandoned village, the guide decides to go off the planned schedule and take the group for a short improvised exploration.


Velvet, who chose to stay behind for a nap, wakes up alone several hours later in the dark bus. Equipped only with a tranquilizer gun he enters the village, determined to find his wife.


Velvet communicates with the spirits that have possessed the other people from the group. His one and only concern is finding his wife and goind home. He will take any steps necessary in order to make that happen.


His concern is not the well-being of the other ones from the group. If they're a threat to his mission, or if they turn up to be useful in some way, Velvet will take actions accordingly.


The zoom-out seen in the trailer is a part of gameplay. You are able to fully zoom out during the game, to spot areas of interest or to plan your next move. Zooming in will reveal details around you, but might put you in danger of surprise attacks.


The game takes place in a meticulously detailed, boarded-up, abandoned village, overtaken by wild grass and moths. The street lights are triggered with motion detectors. This is your only source of light, and can be a good way to spot the others, before they spot you.


Guidance is developed by one-person studio Stroboskop, creator of indie horror classic Sylvio (PC, PS4, XB1). Guidance is planned to be released on PC and consoles, date TBA. It's still early in development, and will be released when it is finished.


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niklas at stroboskop.com

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